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Our Products

  • Girth Gear & Pinion

    Over the 30 Years of experience in Gear Manufacturing industries, PUSHPAK has come to know as Eminent Manufacturer and supplier of Gigantic Gears and Its applications,

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  • Worm Gear & Worm Shaft

    PUSHPAK's high reliability Worm Gear & Worm Shaft (Set) are used to drive Vertical Bawl Mills / Coal Mills and Vertical Gear Drive Systems for various application,

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  • Spur / Helical

    At PUSHPAK, We Manufacture External Spur / Helical and Double Helical Gears Upto 4500mm Diameter With Face Lengths Upto 1000mm. Depending On The Outside Diameter And

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  • Bevel Gear

    At PUSHPAK, We Manufacture Straight Bevel / Helical Bevel and Spiral Bevel Gears Upto 4500mm Diameter With Face Lengths Upto 1000mm. Depending On The Outside Diameter And The Diametral Pitch.

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  • Internal Gear

    At PUSHPAK, We Manufacture Internal Helical Gears Upto 4500mm Diameter With Face Lengths Upto 1000mm. Depending On The Inside Diameter And The Diametral Pitch and Joint Planetary Gear.

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  • Herringbone Gear

    At PUSHPAK, We Manufacture Herringbone GearsUpto 4000mm DiameterWith Face Lengths Upto 1000mm In Single Piece. A Herringbone Gear, A Specific Type Of Double Helical Gear,

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  • Rack & Pinion

    At PUSHPAK, We Design, ManufactureAnd Supply The Rack And Pinion In Accordance With Its Applications, Is A Special Type Of Gear System Which Mainly Used In The Linear Motion Operations.

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  • Precision Engineering

    Consider The Production of High Accuracy Components, As Castings or Forgings, And Similar High Volume Machining Applications.

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  • Energy

    PUSHPAK'sessential of manufacturing the Power Plant Equipment, however its thermal or hydro. From the starting of its business PUSHPAK has established the strong presence by serving the uninterrupted service to the energy sector.

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  • Fabrication Division

    This is our core business especially the heavy fabrication work of energy sector.We are very experienced in this type of work with well expertise manpower

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  • Composites

    PUSHPAK Has achieving the new heights in composites machining technology, We are the regularly machining and supply the Mould Plugs and Fabricated Structures of various fields

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Welcome To Pushpak Trademech Ltd.

We take this pleasant opportunity to introduce ourselves as a pioneer of gear technology.

Pushpak Trademech Company is among the most technologically advanced gear manufacturers in the Gujarat India. Our modern facility is equipped for a full range of gear manufacturing for Girth Gear & Pinion, Spiral Bevel gear & pinion, SPM Gear box, worm shaft & worm gear, Sprockets, Gear couplings and also Rack and Pinion / Toothed Bearing for swing Gear assembly.

Gujarat leading gear manufacturing company has been an integral part of Gear Manufacturing industry for last 30 years. The range of products from Pushpak is driven by end user needs. This is the reason for us to immerse ourselves in the demands you face. Pushpak has always of the opinion that the best way to solve a problem is to look at it from every possible aspect.

Our head office is in Ahmedabad – Gujarat, INDIA and we have establishments all over INDIA , Australia and South Africa. Our engineers are well acquainted in finding solutions to match different client requirements.

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