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Worm Gear & Worm Shaft

PUSHPAK's high reliability Worm Gear & Worm Shaft (Set) are used to drive Vertical Bawl Mills / Coal Mills and Vertical Gear Drive Systems for various application, Worm Set are designed for ultimate strength and reliability in service. PUSHPAK has enormous experience to provide a base for Worm Gear & Worm Shaft with applications in Thermal Power Plants for Coal Grinding Mills.

Key Features

  • Manufacturing Capabilities to supply Worm Gear & Worm Shaft Upto Dia. 3 Mtr. In Single Piece.
  • Design & Manufacturing trough highly advanced CAD and 5-Axis CNC Machining Technology.
  • Worm Set supply in the manner of its application in Single Start to Multi Start Operation.
  • In House foundry facility Upto 2.5 M.T centrifugal casting for Pb2 and Nickel Base MOC.
  • Design and Manufacture for Thermal Power Plant Ball Mills / Coal Mills & Grind Mills Upto 60" Centre Distance.
  • Suitable for 563 / 603 / 623 & 763 / 783 / 803 Mills for 110/120/210/220/500/800 MW.
Worm Gear & Worm Shaft
Worm Gear & Worm Shaft