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About Us

“PUSHPAK TRADEMECH LIMITED” has come a long way ever since its establishment in the year 1980. It has fixed a strong foothold in the high precession engineering sector with its highly decorated service and policies. An ISO 9001:2015, 1400:2015, 45000:2018 certified PUSHPAK, runs on the concept of “Manufacturer of Choice” from its socio activist conception and ethical perspective.

Recognized as one of the most eminent manufacturers and service providers of highly precise engineering components for medium to large industrial applications into the aerospace, defense, space application, and engineering sectors, PUSHPAK is committed to delivering excellence with highly advanced technologies and magnanimous support of our experts & most iconic clientele.


We have ample infrastructure to design machines, large size gantry moving CNC machining centers, and offer advanced quality control equipment along with delivery and advanced quality checks. Furthermore, we provide optimum feasibilities to machining high resilient metal applications of “titanium, inconel, armour steel, duplex steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, and nickle” and most importantly “COMPOSITES” like carbon fibre (CFRP), glass fiber (GFRP), ceramic tile.

PUSHPAK humbly welcomes you to explore our significant work and bestow faith in our ideology “LET’S GET TOGETHER, WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

Our Goals


Our Mission is to embrace a strong sense of commitment to the gear manufacturing industry.


Our Vision is to be the 'Gear Manufacturer of Choice' for all types of Industry, the communities in which we operate.


We are focused on maintaining a safe environment for its employees and developing substantial client network.


We maintain improving trend of customer satisfaction. Also, constantly monitor suppliers' quality and guide them in improvements.

Let's Have A Talk!

We would love to here from you.