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Over the 30 Years of experience in Gear Manufacturing industries, PUSHPAK has come to know as Eminent Manufacturer and supplier of Gigantic Gears and Its applications, PUSHPAK's high reliability Girth Gears are used to drive horizontal Ball Mill / SAG Mill / Rod Mill and designed for ultimate strength and reliability in service. PUSHPAK has enormous experience to provide a base for Girth Gears with applications in mineral excavations and smelting plants for Copper, Iron-ore, Cement, and Coal Mining.

Key Features:

  • Girth Gear design and manufactured for 5.5 MW and can attain up to 30          MW.
  • Manufacturing capabilities to supply Girth Gear up to Dia. 30 Mtr. in segments.
  • Design & Manufacturing through highly advanced CAD and 5-Axis CNC machining technology.


  • Girth Gear can manufacture and supply in the manner of multi segments depending accordingly as per its application in both types of design like “T” and “Y” Shapes.
  • Girth Gear attained mining up to 100 Module and above at any Helix Angle.
  • Gear manufacturing as per International Standard like AGMA/DIN